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West Palm Beach Work Injury Lawyer – Worker’s Rights to Compensation

Safety is first and foremost on everyone’s mind whether he be an employer or employee. Nobody wants to get hurt. Aside from the immediate physical and emotional trauma, there could long-lasting effects of a singular incident. It can cause stoppage of work and loss of earning capacity. You can be assured however that any injury that occurs while in the performance of your job may entitle you to worker’s compensation. It matters not who caused the accident. An employer has the responsibility to compensate their employees that require medical attention due to job-related mishaps. Third parties under a different employer who cause injury, however, might no longer make the latter liable. There is still recourse available in any case, against the said third party.

Collecting Against Third Parties Can be a Complex Undertaking

Work-related injuries that are not attributable to the employer require further proof. While it is true that such happened in the performance of work, the reason why it occurred could spell the difference. Third party liability is usually present when defective products of another company who is not the employer, injure a worker. To stress the point, the employer should not have manufactured these products. Another instance where third party liability may attach is when the employees of such companies cause the injury. It could be a delivery boy, the driver, security guard, office staff or member of the executive committee. As long as the same company of the injured does not employ them, they are liable as third party defendants.

There is definitely more to this topic than what was previously mentioned. To be better equipped to go against such entities, you need proper representation. Lichtblau & Goldenberg has a wealth of experience regarding work injury related cases, whether liability is attributable to the employer or a third party. We will pursue all legal means so that you will be able to collect on what is guaranteed under the law. Feel free to contact us and let us know about the facts of your case. The more details you provide, the better it is for us to advise you on the strength and merits of your case.

Frequent occurrences are the following:

  • Subcontractor induced injury at an employer’s construction site
  • Road mishaps as a result of another driver from a different company while in the performance of work
  • Employee is injured on the grounds of another company while he is on an assignment from his employer

Additional Claims Requires Greater Perseverance

Worker’s compensation provides employees a legal means to collect financial assistance for their injuries. While it is effective in determining an employer’s liability, it does not cover third party claims. This will make the remedy incomplete and might require further litigation to achieve the correct settlement. It is true that both are work related injuries, however, the cause for such is different. This makes the preciseness of the worker’s compensation claims coverage both its strength and weakness. What you need is a law firm that can capably represent you and able to sift through the legal possibilities of your case.

Our team of lawyers at Lichtblau & Goldenberg is fully equipped to take on your personal injury claims. We have years of experience in handling work-related injuries coupled with third-party liability claims. Your case will get the skilled and immediate attention it rightfully deserves. Know what you are legally entitled to by contacting us for a free consultation. We will thoroughly study the facts of your case before providing advice on the matter.

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