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North Palm Beach Medical Malpractice Lawyer – A Lawyer Can Aid You in Times of Vulnerability

We prefer to seek the aid of medical professionals when it comes to our health. This is because we do not want to leave our well-being to chance. No one, however, seeks the help of a doctor thinking that his health would be placed in greater jeopardy. Sadly, this is the stark reality some unfortunate patients have had to experience. According to the Institute of Medicine, there are about ninety-eight thousand casualties attributable to medical malpractice annually. This is close to double the fatalities induced by motor vehicle accidents. Physicians have the responsibility to zealously adhere to the ethical practice of medicine. When they fail to do this, they must be made to answer for their negligence.

Statistics show that hospitals in Florida have stated only three thousand one hundred seventy-seven cases of medical malpractice from 1996 to 1999. This falls short of the actual total of nineteen thousand eight hundred eighty-five occurrences of avoidable medical injuries.

Lichtblau & Goldenberg is adamant in the belief that patients should not be made to suffer for the incompetence of their doctors. Our team of lawyers is trained to represent clients who fall victim to medical malpractice cases. The residents of Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward Counties can count on our firm in their time of need. You rely on us as well to deliver the financial compensation that you legally deserve.

Swift Lawful Action is Required When Pursuing Claims for Medical Injuries

It is reasonable to assume that recovery from harm caused by an incident of medical malpractice may take a certain amount of time. A patient has to deal with the resulting physical, mental and financial difficulties. This can take a great deal of effort, especially when the injury is still fresh. The statute of limitations in the state of Florida, however, provides two years for victims to demand reparations counted from the date of their injury. Their right to do so will lapse once this period expires. This makes it imperative upon the victim to state their claims as soon as they are able to. Gathering evidence and building a case can prove to be laborious and tedious, especially when access to medical records is made difficult.

Give yourself a head start by contacting us immediately. We can investigate your case and find out the degree that your rights have been violated by medical malpractice. Initial consultation with Lichtblau & Goldenberg is free of charge.

Accurate Records are Crucial

It is a regrettable fact that some practitioners or companies will try to change your medical files to conceal their guilt. For this reason, they must be promptly retrieved as soon as a case for medical malpractice is determined. The veracity of such records is key to establishing the culpability of the accused. Our firm understands the necessity of swift action and will be unyielding in our efforts once contacted for representation. We have a network of medical consultants that we can enlist to aid us in your cause. This, on top of our proven track record in the field of law, can guarantee that your rights will be protected against those who have caused you harm.

Skillful Lawyers Who Empathize With You Against Healthcare Related Injuries

Finding an attorney with as much knowledge and experience as our firm fighting against medical malpractice in Florida might be few and far in between. Lichtblau & Goldenberg has been an ardent defender of the rights of such victims for more than fifty-five years. We have dealt with various cases on this topic. One such occurrence had to do with a simple surgical procedure to repair a man’s broken leg. Due to the surgeon’s rush to depart for a scheduled leave, complications developed and the man’s leg became infected. This required that it be amputated to avoid further risks to his health. The man’s leg, however, did not need to be cut off had the physician taken his time during the procedure.

No one needs to go through such an ordeal. Lichtblau & Goldenberg will not rest until proper damages have been collected for your cause. Medical practitioners who have the means to shield themselves from legal action do not intimidate us. Our firm has the advantage of being proficient in dismantling the defense of such perpetrators. We will retrieve for you the financial compensation necessary to alleviate you from your traumatic experience.

You will be comforted in the fact that we treat everyone on a case-to-case basis. Expect your cause will be handled according to what is specific to its needs. We do not practice blanket legal remedies for our clientele. Your injuries will receive the personal attention it rightfully deserves.

Feel free to contact us at 561-863-9100 should you or somebody close to you has been victimized by medical malpractice. We are here to help.