Personal Injury Lawyer in West Palm Beach

Case Values

As Palm Beach personal injury attorneys, we see a great deal of clients that misunderstand how case values are determined.

There is a common myth that your Palm Beach injury attorney will multiply your medical bills by three to determine what your personal injury case is worth.

The reality is that a great personal injury lawyer should get to know each client to determine the unique impact of their injuries in the real world. Because the impact of injuries can different on different clients, the economic loss, future economic loss, wage loss, medical expenses, quality of life, pain and suffering, etc. must all be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Understanding what your case is worth is a critical part of any personal injury claim.

Points we consider

  • Did the actions of another party contribute to the accident or injury
  • Did you in any way contribute to the accident or injury
  • Is evidence available to prove your case
  • Are there witnesses, or is the testimony of witnesses available
  • What is the extent and permanency of the injuries
  • How severe is your injury
  • Will there be permanent or long-term scarring or disfigurement
  • How severely will the injury affect the rest of your life
  • Does an insurance policy cover your injury
  • What kind of treatment do you require
  • What are the costs of the treatment
  • What income was lost during treatment and aftercare
  • Are you currently able to work and earn an income
  • If you cannot work, how long you will be unable to work
  • Will you have long-term medical bills

Since all of these factors contribute to knowing what your case value is, you should always hire an attorney to negotiate a personal injury claim settlement with an insurance company. Although an insurance company may offer you an amount that seems generous, it is usually because it will cost them much, much more if you hire a lawyer to take them to trial. Do you want to learn more?

Our practice

Our practice

As a West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer, our reputation is built on unrivaled trust, loyalty, and a remarkable talent for legal strategy. Florida personal injury law is the cornerstone of our lawfirm, and representing personal injury clients successfully, is what we do best. Explore our site for more information on lawyers for injuries, we invite you to explore for information on what makes our personal injury law firm stand-out.

Our philosophy has forged countless lifelong relationships with clients that we take pride in, because we believe that your best interest is our bottom line. The better educated personal injury client equates to better results, and for your best interest we have filled our site with helpful information that will give you the confidence that you need to help you choose the best personal injury attorney to represent your case.

We offer free legal consultations, and deciding what to do next can be is as easy as filling out our simple contact form.

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