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West Palm Beach Bus Accident Lawyer – Caution: Steer Clear

Bus negligence is common and our law office specializes in bus accidents in West Palm Beach. Being involved in any mishap is an unfortunate thing. The vehicular kind just makes the risk of injury all the more likely. This is especially so when a bus is part of the incident. Those that involve buses tend to aggravate more people. Bus accidents carry a greater risk of danger to those onboard compared to cars due to the lack of safety features like seatbelts.

Buses are mammoth-like in length and height compared to other vehicles on the road. Its operation demands greater driving ability as well as alertness on the road to avoid bumping into other commuters. These gigantic vehicles handle and respond quite differently than most. Any miscalculation on the driver’s part could have dire consequences, especially at high speeds. This is the reason why there is a higher level of licensure requirement that must be accomplished before someone is allowed to drive a bus.

The Counties of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade have had its own share of bus accidents in the past. We at Lichtblau & Goldenberg are able to provide assistance to victims of these unfortunate incidents. Do not sleep on your rights. Contact us if you or anyone close to you has been involved in a bus accident. Our bus accident attorneys are ready and available to come to your aid.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

The lumbering motion of a bus is mainly attributed to its above average point of balance. It takes a higher degree of dexterity and spatial intelligence on the part of the operator to maneuver it properly. Due to its mass, getting it to come to a complete stop will require its speed to be reduced from a further distance as compared to other vehicles. This would prevent other passengers from feeling any discomfort as the bus is coming to a halt as well as potential injuries. Its size, however, coupled with incompetent handling makes it likely to cause harm to other people on the road.

Isolating the reasons why a bus accident occurs can be a difficult exercise. It is not impossible to do so though there are some notable ones. The most likely cause is when the driver is unaccustomed to the nuances and peculiarities of the road. There could be a hole here, a ditch there or even unmarked construction work. This would surprise an unsuspecting bus driver. Any sudden movement on the steering wheel might send the entire vehicle careening toward an unintended and dangerous path. This could easily result in a collision with other vehicles or crash into immovable objects.

The weather also increases the risk of an accident. Rain and snow can reduce visibility as well as create slippery driving conditions. This can surely impair the vehicle’s maneuverability. The operator’s current skills might not be enough to compensate for the increased level of difficulty. To drive under such circumstances could only result in a bus accident. It would be better to just postpone a trip until the weather is more ideal.

Another common reason why bus accidents occur can be due to a negligent driver. Many factors can bring about this circumstance. Lack of sleep, intoxication, drug use, road rage and texting are just some examples. Anything that would reduce his level of attentiveness creates a dangerous situation. Driving at fast speeds even if fully alert, can still be considered risky given the size of the vehicle. There is also a greater demand for precise driving required to safely arrive at the destination. The momentum could be so insurmountable that it could cause the bus to roll over and plow into other commuters. This can have grave consequences for the bus passengers as well as all those who happen to be on its violent path.

Lastly, the lack of proper maintenance checks can cause further bus mishaps. Engine failure, faulty brakes, blown out tires, unresponsive steering, and transmission breakdown are among some of the detectable instances prior to operation. It could potentially reduce even the most skilled bus driver into a helpless passenger. These unfortunate incidents severely impair the means to control the bus in a full capacity. If the accident can solely be attributed to mechanical failure without contributory negligence of the driver or the bus company, then the injured may file a product liability claim.

Legal Settlements are Available to Those That Suffer From Injuries

The statistics derived from bus accident injuries in 2008 are staggering. There were about eleven thousand in total. Of this number, an estimated twenty-four thousand received injuries. From there, three hundred seven fatalities resulted. It is a fact that of the total number of bus accidents, two hundred forty-seven were fatal.

There are many complications that may result when dealing in this field of law. It is strongly advised that you contact an attorney to represent you immediately. You may have a strong case at the outset but would become invalid if the period to file it lapses. Time, however, is just one of the many aspects relevant to a personal injury suit.

Lichtblau & Goldenberg is a law firm with vast experience in upholding the rights of bus accident victims. Both themselves and their loved ones may rest assured that we would meticulously scrutinize every detail of your claim. Everyone who is culpable will be verified and prosecuted.

It is true that no amount of money will ever replace the loss of a loved one or the harrowing experience you have suffered through. This does not mean however that you no longer need to pursue what is legally yours. As the injured party, you have had to pay for your recovery, missed work, experienced trauma and might even have additional unforeseen costs due to the dreadful incident. Our dedicated attorneys will make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Bus accident injuries do not have to go unpunished. Contact Lichtblau & Goldenberg immediately through 561-863-9100. We have decades of serving the residents of the West Palm Beach area. Call us today and receive initial advice on your case free of charge.