Defective Product Lawyer

Consumer Rights Upheld in Our State

Anyone expects a product that they purchase to be as good as advertised or maybe even better. Nobody wants to end up with a dud, making a buyer feel cheated of his hard earned money. From time to time, however, this unavoidably happens. The defect could occasionally be classified as minor or even replaceable. It is when these irregularities become hazardous that puts the trusting consumer under potential health risks.

Businesses have the duty to produce reliable products that their customers can count on. They also have the obligation as human beings to keep their clients free from harm. Profit does not have to come at the expense of another’s safety and well-being. Such businesses that operate under these procedures are both vile and reprehensible. They do not mind besmirching their reputation in order to attain gains without remorse toward their fellow men. Should you come across such defective products that fall short of the seller’s promise or cause you harm in any way, our firm is ready to be of assistance.

Lichtblau & Goldenberg has a team of experienced lawyers that are determined to secure an appropriate financial settlement for you or if necessary, provide effective representation in a court of law. We have been in practice for fifty-five years making our firm one of the most qualified in our field. Your case is in good hands with us.

Products Regularly Considered as Defective are listed as the following:

  • Hazardous materials used in construction (lead and asbestos)
  • Defective medical equipment
  • Recalled prescription drugs
  • Faulty construction materials, including machinery, ladders, and tools
  • Transportation vehicle defects, including faulty airbags, tires, brakes, seat belts, and helmets
  • Consumer goods, such as clothing, food, cribs, and household items

How a company becomes liable for a defect largely depends on the type involved. There are generally three classifications. The first one is what is called a design defect. It involves inherent flaws in the idea or blueprints itself and the product that results because of it. A manufacturing defect is next. This is what transpires when the intended design is not completely followed thereby resulting in a different product. Finally, marketing defects arise when the seller fails to give sufficient notice that their product can inflict potential harm upon its user. In all three instances, there is a breach of trust incurred by a business upon its unsuspecting patrons. This makes the former legally liable to the latter for reparations in the form of damages.

When Everyday Goods Become Perilous to Life and Limb

We live in a world that is a consumer driven society. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we tend to rely on certain goods and services to help us save time, money or simply give us some added enjoyment. Nobody seeks to pay for such things and expect harm to befall upon them. Yet, this is the harsh reality or consumerism. There will always be some products that will escape the watchful eye of even the most well-meaning business owner. Injuries as slight as small wounds, bumps, and bruises could result because of it. Though it would be wishful thinking to confine such unfortunate events to those mentioned, there are those instances where injuries could result. The consequences could turn out as broken bones, paralysis, brain damage or even death. To make it worse, the expenses for such incidents could mount quickly especially if it becomes a long-term disability. Regrettably, a person’s earning capacity might even be affected making him unable to work.

We would like you to rest assured that the attorneys at Lichtblau & Goldenberg will stand by you in your time of need. Our firm will be relentless to uphold your rights with compassion and dignity. Nobody should be made to suffer for someone else’s negligence or greed. We will earnestly go after the guilty party to secure the financial compensation that is needed to cover the past and future medical expenses as well as other damages they are liable for. Should you or someone you care for fall victim to harmful defective products, please get in touch with us immediately. Get a free consultation in the North Palm Beach area by dialing 561-863-9100.