Dog Bite Lawyer

Almost any legal practitioner from North Palm Beach can readily provide adequate counsel on the potential liabilities that homeowners could face regarding their property. This would usually revolve around general issues on the defects or dangerous conditions within and surrounding their residence. Driveways, front and backyards are necessarily included. It might not however be of common knowledge that injury resulting from a dog bite or attack committed on these prescribed residential boundaries could be classified as a dangerous condition. There may be some lawyers that are more familiar with the effects of this statute than others. They know that violating it can lead to a suit against the owner of the dog making him liable for damages caused upon the person who was attacked.

Florida’s dog bite laws

The law is strictly construed against owners whose pets cause injury to others. It is not adequate defense that the dog has undergone special training and acted out of character. Neither would the contention of being a first time offender help its cause. Providing warnings in the form of signboards is an ineffective deterrent against potential legal action. Other than instances where there was unjust provocation on the part of the person attacked, there are no other circumstances that would free the owner from responsibility to answer for the injury caused by his dog. The state itself is liable for such canines found on public thoroughfares as well as those that take in dogs out of charity.

What the law does is to ensure the protection of the citizens of the state from any form of attack. It likewise places clear responsibility upon those who are to answer for any injury that resulted due to the dog bite. This is to guarantee that everyone will be more vigilant in the handling of pets. It extends not only to those who voluntarily keep them under their care but also to those in government service that are entrusted with public safety. Prevention in this case would definitely avoid injury as well as costly legal fees and reparations in the form of damages.

Note also that there is no distinction between a dog attack committed in a private dwelling or public property. What matters is that there was unlawful aggression on the part of the animal without regard to its history of ferocity or familiarity of such past by its owner thereof. Furthermore, anyone who is found negligent in the handling of his animal would likewise be liable under Florida’s laws. Such may be established if the owner is found to have failed to exercise reasonable prudence and care that is ordinarily expected under such situations. No one is allowed to let his dog roam free, trusting that it is well trained. All precautions must always be put in place lest its owner be regarded as negligent. Once injury occurs, neither the place of its commission nor the good intentions of the owner would amount to an adequate defense against legal reprisal.

Should you or anyone you know falls victim to a canine attack, do not hesitate to seek legal counsel specializing in dog bites.