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West Palm Beach Swimming Pool Accident Attorney – Fun and Games Can Lead to Tragedy

There are different things to do to keep cool under the warm Florida sun. You can have an ice cold drink, relax under a tree, turn on an electric fan or simply step into an air-conditioned room. None of those things though could perhaps beat jumping into a nice, chilly swimming pool to refresh your sunbaked skin. Inviting friends over would make the experience even more fun. Fortunately, the Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Broward Counties have many homes and establishments with swimming pools. Finding a brief respite from the sweltering heat will not take much difficulty.

These fun-filled moments are what can bring people closer together. It allows them to let their guard down, relax and enjoy each other’s company. There are times however when misfortune strikes even the most fun-filled events. Most accidents are definitely unintended though there is a good number that could have been avoidable. Negligence and the lack of foresight can come into play when the eagerness to partake in the moment causes caution to be thrown to the wind. The good number of swimming pools in Florida paired with its festive attitude has resulted in its own fair share of accidents. Note that this not only considers adults, it includes minors as well.

Reports show that there is about ten pool related fatalities on a daily basis.

This is backed by studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). One out of five of those deaths is attributed to children below fourteen years of age. The early childhood years of one to four years old are most in danger. Drowning causes thirty percent of the deaths as a result of unintended injuries in this age bracket. Sadly in five cases of child related drowning cases, one results in a fatality while the other four need crucial medical attention to rescue them from their serious injuries.

Should you know of anyone that falls victim to these tragedies, do not hesitate to contact us. Lichtblau & Goldenberg has successfully defended those that were physically as well as emotionally afflicted by these swimming pool accidents for decades. Do not sleep on your rights. Allow us to assist you immediately.

Usual Mishaps that Occur During Swimming Pool Activities

There is a multitude of injuries a person may receive after surviving a drowning incident. Yes, he may have escaped with his life though it does not mean that his harrowing ordeal is over. In fact, it might have just begun.

Survivors of such accidents could still suffer long-term effects. Those that have gone underwater for extended amounts of time might suffer serious injury. This is mainly due to the loss of oxygen to the brain. There are no obvious signs of such injury shortly following a drowning incident. Living through it is one thing, but life after such an ordeal could turn out to be another thing entirely.

Aside from those that use the swimming pool occasionally or recreationally, there are also who are injured while participating in competitive pool sporting activities. Diving enthusiasts have had their fair share of accidents. These brave athletes usually have to jump from dizzying heights to pull off intricate, synchronized movements before hitting the water at an exact time. Such feats cannot be accomplished on the first try.

A lot of practice goes into these activities and mistakes are usually made during practice.

These usually come from miscalculating the distance from the edge of the pool. It could also be due to the diving board itself. Others could be from slipping on the side areas, as small puddles are sure to form. The mishaps that result could be minor to devastating. It could be from the cuts and scrapes that are experienced by a large number of pool accidents. For those in the other bracket, however, the injuries suffered have more dire consequences. The powerful blow of hitting an immovable object at high velocity can paralyze even the most skilled divers. Even those that survive the initial impact might eventually succumb to their injuries, leading to fatalities.

There have also been some lesser-known harmful incidents brought about by swimming pool drains. These happen when the suction is abnormally strong and the drain is exposed. It can easily siphon jewelry, hair, clothes or even limbs downward to its direction, ensnaring the victim to the bottom of the pool. While it may seem unlikely, an uncovered drain can eviscerate the midsection of an unfortunate swimmer thereby exposing his intestinal tract. This can be quite morbid though not impossible. Pool goers should exercise extreme caution when they know of a malfunctioning drain. They must only swim once it is repaired or even better, replaced.

The Random Nature of Undesirable Events

No one can truly know when misfortune will strike. It can be at a public pool, at home or even at a friend’s place. When an accident does happen, somebody must be accountable. These are the times when a facility manager is found to be negligent, where a manufacturer sold defective pool products or even a friend that did not keep the safety of his guests in mind. Those that have suffered because of these irresponsible lapses have a rightful claim against those concerned. This is mainly due to many inadequacies in the installation of a perimeter barrier, cautionary signs, administration and care of the pool area.

There are different types of claims that may be instituted when a pool accident occurs. Negligence claims may be filed against an employer or manager for the hiring of ineligible lifeguards as well as the improper set-up of pool equipment that caused the accident. Product liability claims can be pursued against manufacturers or retailers for harm inflicted as a result of their defective products.

We Will Fight For Your Cause

Seeking legal action is not the usual course to take following a traumatic incident. An injured person would look to first recover from any physical harm as well as emotional hardship suffered. A collection of financial liabilities is often secondary. We at Lichtblau & Goldenberg are quite aware of this. It is our duty however to advise victims of swimming pool accidents that they have lawful claims against the negligent parties concerned. You should not be made to pay for your suffering that others have caused.

Getting injured is expensive. There are hospital expenses to pay for as well as lost income, mental anguish and the costs of future medical expenses due to the traumatic event. There is also the difficulty of collecting the correct amount from insurance companies if any. There are trying if not exasperating issues that an injured would have to deal with on his road to recovery. Allow us to step in and get the financial compensation that you are lawfully entitled to. You do not need to tax your health any longer with these concerns.

There are laws that safeguard people against swimming pool accidents both in Florida and the United States. Our firm will make sure that these are upheld and pursue what is legally yours. Contact us at 561-863-9100 to get started. Consultations are free of charge.