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West Palm Beach Construction Accident Attorneys

The dizzying heights, heavy equipment, and precarious structures are just a few of the things a construction worker has to face on a daily basis. His life is literally on the line whether he is attached to a safety cable or working on a bare I-beam so many feet up in the air. On the ground is another story. A construction worker has to be mindful of the huge construction materials being lugged around and the mechanical equipment lumbering about to move them from place to place. Men would certainly be no match to the velocity that ensues from the pull of gravity, nor collisions between bones and metal.

The construction industry is without a doubt, one of the most dangerous workplaces in existence. There might be precise measurements involved in its design and implementation. What actually transpires, however, does not always accurately follow even the best-laid plans. Human error frequently comes into play. There is no telling what can happen when a variety of working parts all come together in a quasi-synchronized interplay between men and machines. In the interest to successfully deliver on project deadlines, some safety procedures are sometimes overlooked. This more often than not results in accidents that lead to serious injury and at times, death.

Yes, such incidents are well-known in the construction industry. Some might even view it as part of the trade. There are different countries that already have worker’s compensation legislation in place, true. This does not mean however that collecting from it is an automatic procedure. There are certain legalities and processes involved before this can be attained. Furthermore, there might be other injuries suffered not covered by existing statutes that could entitle victims to additional collection for damages.

To find out what is rightfully yours under the law, feel free to contact us for a consultation. You will not be charged for this service as we try to gather the facts and assess your case. It is important to us that you be fully informed of your alternatives and be given adequate time to make a decision before pursuing legal action. Lichtblau & Goldenberg lawyers are but a phone call away should you decide to do so.

Hazardous Incidents Prevalent in the Workplace

There has been a multitude of occurrences that have led to an injury.

The following have been among the most common among workers in the industry:

  • Heavy equipment accidents
  • Falls from scaffolding or ladders
  • Dangerous machinery and equipment
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals, such as asbestos or lead
  • Electrocutions and electrical shock
  • Forklift or crane accidents

Due to the plethora of dangers involved in the construction industry, it is not surprising that workers are open to a slew of potential injuries. To list them all here would definitely take quite a bit of space. Among the most recurring however are burns, paralysis, head injuries, loss of sight, hearing difficulties, brain damage, broken bones, loss of limbs and death.

Our Firm Does the Work So That You Can Concentrate On Getting Better

The prevalence of construction-related accidents has created a high demand for legal assistance. There have been many lawyers that have come into contact with such cases. Lichtblau & Goldenberg itself has had its fair share of clients requiring help getting proper compensation for their injuries. Our experience has taught us that receiving benefits from worker’s compensation laws are not enough. There may be other financial rights that a victim may be entitled to. By enlisting our services, you do not have to worry yourself concerning how to go about the success of your claims.

The commitment to attain the highest possible indemnities for you is basic among all lawyers in our organization. We will not stop until we have thoroughly investigated all the legal means necessary to pursue the rights that are available.

You have put your life at risk to earn an honest living. The least we can do is to make sure that your sacrifice gets the financial recognition it truly deserves. To be clear, this does not end when payment for actual damages is given. There must also be an allocation for future medical expenses that may be incurred because of the construction injury sustained.

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