Uninsured Motorist Accidents: Florida Financial Responsibility Law

Living a carefree lifestyle has its advantages. Your worries are cast aside, making it possible to enjoy everything with greater clarity. You live neither in the past nor think of the future. Only the present moment matters. While this would be a great approach toward achieving personal happiness, totally foregoing other obligations might not be the best course of action to take. This is particularly evident if you choose to drive in Florida.

With an estimated sixteen million registered motorists in the state alone, you can almost be assured that having a carefree attitude will only get you into trouble. Based on a 2014 report from the Office of the Florida Department of Transportation, there were about 344,170 car accidents in that year alone. Of this number, 225,608 resulted in non-fatal injuries and 2,236 fatalities. These numbers are simply too great to ignore and driving uninsured is simply unacceptable.

Safety measures in place

Fortunately, there is a Financial Responsibility Law in Florida. It requires that the person at fault in an automobile accident has full liability insurance coverage at the time of the incident. This must cover not only damage to property but bodily injury as well. The law also sets minimum limits which is ten thousand dollars per person for bodily injury, twenty thousand dollars per accident for all persons with bodily injury and ten thousand dollars for property damage.

It is important to ask the investigating officer to include all the necessary details in the police report if ever you are involved in a car accident. You will need this when you claim for reimbursement of your expenses. Informing your insurance company immediately whether the guilty party is insured or uninsured is necessary for them to pursue the matter correctly. These technicalities might however, prove strenuous for you especially when you are still trying to recover from the mishap. It could be best to seek the assistance of a legal professional to ensure that your action for collection is properly completed and filed on time.

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