Personal Injury Protection Coverage Against Uninsured Motorist Accidents

It is never recommended to drive a vehicle that does not have insurance coverage. You leave yourself susceptible to potential costly liabilities should you ever get into an accident. The sudden expense of having your car repaired along with injuries to pay for might prove too much for anybody’s bank account. It a risk that you do not have to take.

Better than nothing

Fortunately, the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) law is incorporated into your automobile insurance premium. It allows you to recover up to ten thousand dollars should you require medical care as a result of the accident. Note that you must seek treatment within fourteen days of the mishap or be precluded from receiving its benefits.

It is worth remembering that the PIP has many advantages. You may be reimbursed up to eighty percent of your total hospitalization expenses and medical bills. Should your injuries cause you to miss work, you will be able to recover up to sixty percent of wages that you were unable to earn. If there will be any out of pocket expenses for your prescription medicines, PIP will answer for up to eighty percent of the amounts spent. It will even reimburse you for the variable costs made going to and from your doctor which is classified as mileage expenses.

PIP is applicable regardless of who is the negligent party. It is also known as the “no fault” clause. As such, claimants may benefit from its coverage as long as there were injuries sustained in connection to an automobile accident and that treatment was sought within two weeks. This is especially useful in hit and run encounters. Despite there being damage done, the guilty party is no longer around to answer for his liability. PIP gives the victim at least some means within which to recover his expenses.

We simplify the complicated

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