Motorcycle Accidents: Threshold Injury Requirement

Hopping unto your motorbike for a quick spin can already give you a certain amount of happiness. Whether it be a Sunday ride or just to take the edge off, these machines will bring a smile to any enthusiast’s face. These are of course also quite convenient to take out on a daily basis. Its minimal fuel requirements coupled with the ease in its use is indeed an attractive combination. The city’s traffic jams will hardly be felt as you comfortably zip past in between the stalled vehicles.

This added convenience comes at a price. Its decreased weight allows it to move with increased mobility. In order to do this, it sacrifices certain parts such as protective coverings and other safety features. Wearing the prescribed gear such as a helmet and a riding suit is meant to compensate for this. It will not however, totally safeguard you from injury.

When catastrophe strikes

Hopefully you will be safe from harm’s way should an untoward incident occur. Getting hurt is something that anyone would like to avoid. Not only can it be extremely painful, it can be very expensive as well. You can be entitled to reimbursement for the cost of these injuries though it must meet certain criteria. This may be found in Florida’s Threshold Injury Requirement which states that you may recover such expenses from non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. Further examples of this is when the full enjoyment of life is difficult or no longer possible, in cases of mental anguish and when there is inconvenience as a result of the trauma.

Note that the injury which produces the above non-economic damage are not for just any instance. There must be a particular set of injury that results because of the motorcycle accident. Either one of the following circumstances are necessary to qualify the mishap under the Threshold Injury Requirement: death, permanent serious disfigurement or serious impairment of a body function. It of course still possible to collect for less severe trauma though it will be through different legal means.

There is no debate

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