Motorcycle Accidents: Compensation Decided by the Courts

There is no telling when you will get into a mishap. One moment you are enjoying an afternoon ride on your bike as you normally do. The next instant, a car comes charging out of nowhere. Your two wheeler will be no match against a negligent driver’s vehicle. It will offer little protection, if any.

It is unfortunate that there is a likelihood of getting hurt should you get into an accident. There is of course a good chance that you can escape unscathed, though you can expect to be compensated for your expenses should you suffer injuries. It is only fair that the guilty party takes care of any losses that you incurred because of his imprudent behavior. 

Legally reimbursed

There are different costs that may be associated with the injury. The economic damages could cover the actual amounts spent on your hospital bills, professional fees, medicine and impairment on your motorcycle as well as other equipment. These are the ones which may be easily quantified. There are however other kinds of losses which are non-economic in nature. These are pain, suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish and the inability to enjoy life to a certain standard.

It is up to the court to determine the exact amounts to be awarded should you claim non-economic damages. They are usually only available if the motorcycle accident results in serious injuries on your person or the loss of a loved one. It does not mean however, that other claims for lesser injuries may not be instituted. You will need a good lawyer should you or somebody close to you require a case to be filed for collection of damages.

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