Motorcycle Accidents and the No-Fault Clause

Driving your car with its top down is already an exhilarating experience. It allows you to appreciate the open air and take in your surroundings as you leisurely cruise down the road. Many purchase their vehicles for this very option. There are others if you will, who seek a more engaging adventure.

Motorcycle enthusiasts know the thrill of being out on the road. You can reach higher speeds atop one as compared to most automobiles. Its lithe frame can zip through traffic and hurtle you down any thoroughfare with greater ease. The responsive nature of these machines is certainly attractive to both owners and onlookers alike. It can definitely make an impression though it could also leave you more susceptible to injury.

Taking the brunt of the impact

The open design of a motorcycle allows it ease of maneuverability. At the same time, there is also a greater chance for you to get hurt. There are no panels, seat belts or air bags that can be installed to cushion the blow in case of an accident. All that you have to safeguard you from harm are your helmet, rash guards and quick wits. These might not totally eliminate the potential for damage but it could help minimize it.

The State of Florida has the “no-fault clause” should you suffer injury as a result of a motorcycle accident. Otherwise known as the Personal Injury Protection Law, it provides claimants with up to ten thousand dollars worth of medical coverage in case they get into a road mishap requiring emergency assistance. It can be regarded as another safety feature which instead of preventing the damage, leaves something that could aid in your recovery. Note that there are certain procedures that must be followed before you may collect on these amounts. Should you or a loved one require legal assistance, you might want to approach the right attorneys for the job.

The law firm to look for

Lichtblau & Goldenberg has been at the service of the West Palm Beach area for over fifty five years. We have consistently provided dedicated and experienced handling of personal injury cases for its residents. It is unfortunate that you had to experience a motorcycle accident. Allow us to help in your recovery by seeking ways to minimize your expenses for it. Contact us at 561-863-9100 to get started, today.