I hurt my back… Do I need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Seeking a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach may be your first thought when experiencing back pain due to an injury. There are many cases and settlements that have brought back pain victims much closure and solace. The fact of the matter is, that not all back injuries are created equal. The greatest challenge is proving that your back injury is related to a particular incident.

You have to expect that insurance companies will try to wiggle out of paying up by inferring your pain is not related to the incident you may be seeking compensation for. Then there is also the matter of on-going treatment depending on the weight of your neck and back injuries. The wrong attorney may not be able to get you the compensation you deserve, but strong West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys know how to handle your case.

If you have been experiencing any neck and back pain related to the following incidents, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately. There is a small window for the statute of limitations in the state of Florida, so time is of the essence.  

Note that any work-related incidents will qualify you for worker’s compensation benefits through your employer. No matter who was at fault, you will qualify for worker’s compensation unless you were injured by a third-party due to negligence.  In this case, you can file a third party claim to qualify for a settlement for your injuries.

Neck and back injuries are serious problems that can truly cause many hindrances to your quality of life. If you are experiencing any whiplash symptoms or back pains due to any of the incidents listed above you must seek legal counsel and medical advice right away. Time is of the essence and so is your livelihood. If you or a friend are in need of  West Palm Beach personal injury attorneys, contact the offices of Lichtblau & Goldenberg for a consultation today.