Hit and Run: Gathering Evidence

When there is a dispute, both parties usually think that they are right or at least believe they can get away with whatever misdeed they committed. Either would try to prove their stance and could potentially spend large amounts of time, money and effort in pursuit of it. On the other hand, there would really be no point in contending an issue if one of them admits to his mistake. They could just settle out of court and avoid any protracted legal battle altogether. These are the usual scenarios when there is a controversy. It is not the same however in cases of a hit and run accident.

In such instances, there is a victim and a guilty party. The latter however is yet to be identified. No case or settlement may proceed because there is no one to answer for the misdeed. The innocent party is left waiting in the meantime, wondering if ever the perpetrator would ever be pinpointed and pay for the wrongdoing.

Out of nowhere

A hit and run accident is not about proving who is right. It is already obvious that the injured party is not the one at fault here. This type of mishap is about locating the guilty party so that he may indemnify the innocent for the damage that was caused. It is entirely possible to find such miscreant through the use of modern technology and more traditional methods. The more clues and witnesses that are able to contribute toward identifying the assailant, the easier it would be for the concerned authorities to successfully perform their job. Should they fail to do so, the victim is not totally left without recourse.

Florida’s Personal Injury Protection Law secures some financial coverage for the abandoned victim of up to ten thousand dollars for medical expenses. It might not amount to much in some cases however it is better than nothing. Note that treatment must be sought within fourteen days of the accident or risk losing the benefit of this policy.

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