Collecting from Hit and Run Injuries

One of the most difficult accidents to get involved in are the hit and run type. Not only is there a possibility that you will receive injuries in addition to the damage to your vehicle, there is also a chance you would not be able to locate the offending driver. The probability of finding the culprit gets lower when no CCTV footage is available and no witnesses can be sought. All that the investigators are left with are physical clues of the incident which might not be sufficient to gather enough proof to track down the other party.

This can be a tricky situation to be in. There is clearly someone who is responsible for the mishap though there is no one to answer for it. You do however, have medical bills to pay for and your recovery to attend to. Catching the wrongdoer at this point might prove to be a very challenging endeavor. It can be done though you must take steps to secure the costs of the accident.

There is still hope

This is where Florida’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Law comes in. While it will not cover the entire amount of physical and property damage, it can be able to provide some assistance nonetheless. Otherwise known as the “no-fault” clause, it can pay for up to ten thousand dollars in medical expenses as long as treatment is sought within fourteen days of the accident. This may seem like a short amount of time though it was included in the statute with the purpose of precluding fraud.

Motorists are required to have this at least this type of auto insurance coverage before they take the road. It might not be enough to answer for the actual amounts suffered but it is better than nothing, for the meantime. What is important is that efforts to initiate its collection have been made within the time frame specified under the law.

Help is on the way

Lichtblau & Goldenberg’s proven experience in personal injury cases has been assisting the residents of the West Palm Beach area for over fifty-five years. Our brand of legal services includes working with other experts in different fields to further strengthen your case. We have methods to identify and locate hit and run offenders using conventional and modern technology. To get started, contact us at 561-863-9100 immediately.