Uninsured Motorist Accidents: Personal Injury Protection Law Collection

How convenient it would be to just disregard having automobile insurance altogether. There would no longer be any yearly or monthly premiums to pay, as the case may be. This would translate into big savings and could be reinvested in other things.

While this would be welcomed by some people, it is not the recommended course of action to take. Being uninsured leaves you open to potential heavy expenses in the event you actually do get into an automobile accident. Not only would there be the damage to your car to pay for, but there might also be your recovery to take care of as well. Added together, this could cost even more than paying for those premiums to get insured in the first place.

Too many benefits to ignore

Your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage alone is a good incentive to get insured. It can cover your medical expenses of up to ten thousand dollars, regardless of who is at fault. Aside from this, you will also have other forms of assistance. Note that you must seek treatment for your car accident related injuries within the time prescribed in order to qualify for collection under the law. The allowable period is fourteen days from the incident. Should you fail to do it, you will also risk losing the other benefits that the PIP law can provide.

Collecting on your lost wages is possible through PIP as long as you submit a Wage and Salary Verification form from your employer. There should be a disability form included with this to complete the collection procedure. Next, you may also be reimbursed for your out of pocket expenses on your medication. You should attach the original receipt of the prescription medicine along with the prescription label if any, from the pharmacy. Finally, it is possible to recover the mileage expenses incurred going to and from your doctor. Keep the receipts as proof of your visits. All of these documents may be submitted to the corresponding insurance company to collect your reimbursement.

Shifting the burden

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