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When you are looking for a West Palm Beach truck accident lawyers, you will want to make sure that they are familiar with reviewing drivers logs and black boxes in order to assess fault and liability disputes more effectively for a Florida truck accident

Black Boxes Capture Critical Operational Data

Not all West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer firms know that that there are black boxes are on board information recorders that are capable of capturing operational data through a truck’s electronic network. A black box has the ability to record data from an accident that can lead to a wealth of information as to how the truck accident occurred, such as the condition of the truck after the impact. It can also provide information on how the truck was operated, such as engine speed, brake applications, throttle position, vehicle speed, seat-belt usage, and airbag performance data. Because the black box’s data storage ability is rather limited, the old data usually rewrites over the new data in a loop. Some trucks have loops as short as 10 minutes. On these trucks, if an accident does not occur, the old data is erased and replaced with new data. 

What Happens After an Accident?

As West Palm Beach Truck accident lawyers, we need to make sure after the accident that anyone who has custody of the truck does not move or try to repair the truck, remove the truck’s black box, or retrieve or attempt to retrieve the information on the box. Instead, the parties should either agree (or the injury victim’s West Palm Beach truck accident lawyers should seek a temporary restraining order from the court) to a joint inspection of the vehicle so that the black box data can be recovered with all parties of interest present. While it is generally accepted that the vehicle owner owns the data, the truck company cannot knowingly destroy data it believes is relevant to a civil lawsuit

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