Job Injury and Worker’s Compensation

Your reason for going to work might be the same as your officemates or it may be for different reasons. It could be because of the opportunity to advance in your career, the high pay or you might even be doing it as a labor of love. Whatever it is that motivates you to be at your job everyday, no amount of physical pain or injury should be made a normal part of it. You should not be intentionally put in harm’s way for any services you provide. If you encounter such an unfortunate incident while in the performance of your duties, then you are entitled to Worker’s Compensation benefits under the law.

This allows you to be financially compensated for any injuries incurred while engaged the performance of your job. It does not matter if it happened at the workplace or if you were out on the field. The law considers any physical harm that you received while doing that which your employer has requested you to do.

Not everything is what it once was

Getting injured while at work is not a pleasant thing. Not only will you have to deal with the physical pain. You would also have to miss work while you recover. It is true that the benefits from Florida’s Workmen’s Compensation Law will pay for your medical expenses and reimburse you the wages unearned while you recuperate from your work related injuries. This does not mean however that you or your employer will not be inconvenienced or might have strained relations thereafter.

Like it or not, somebody has to do your job or else the business could suffer. If you cannot, then your employer has no choice but to find someone who can while you are healing from your wounds or bruises. The longer it takes to recover, the more difficult it will be for you to be able to perform at the same level as you once did before the accident. You might not be able to get back to the same amount of production you were once able to give and could even be considered redundant or underperforming because of your injury.

It is not your fault

Replacing you considered another matter entirely though we at Lichtblau & Goldenberg will make sure that you get the full benefits provided for you under the law. Immediate job injury is easy to detect. Those that are latent however might manifest themselves only after the obvious damage has healed. If this will cost you your job or your ability to work, then it should still form part of the financial compensation that you are legally entitled to. Call 561-863-9100 to notify us on how we can be of service.