Defective Road Accidents: Inadequate Lighting

We are naturally able to drive better during the day as it is easier to detect the other commuters, see the condition of the road and react quicker to unexpected obstacles that may come along our way. There is less reliance on the use of headlights, illumination of lamp posts or brake lights to guide us on the road. A driver can see any oncoming traffic from afar, as long as it is within range of his sight.

As night approaches, we slowly see the assorted lights on the streets coming to life. The business establishments become more attractive from the outside, billboards sparkle with new marketing campaigns and the cars start looking cooler with what ever after-market lighting accessory its owners choose to attach on them.  It becomes a bit of an entertaining light show of sorts, especially when the roads are busy. One vehicle it seems, would be guiding the next whether it is because of their headlights or brake lights. They announce their position to others from the illumination of their vehicles.

Not a welcome surprise

This is all well and good when there are a lot of cars on the road, but what if there are no other drivers at the particular time you are there? What then? The only lighting you can truly rely on is from your own vehicle. Your headlights however have a limited range wherein it may shine its beam upon. You will not be able to  clearly see anything that is outside its field of light and might not have enough time to react to any obstacles that may potentially cause you harm.

For this reason, street lights and reflector guides have to be properly installed by the city. It allows you to see pick out the position of immovable objects or other oncoming traffic well ahead of time. This enables you to reduce your speed and navigate your vehicle onto the correct path to avoid them. Inadequate lighting however will definitely increase the chances of an accident happening. When there is not enough time to avoid the hidden dangers that lurk on the road, you might end up succumbing to injuries because of them. This could have been easily averted, if only these thoroughfares were not so negligently maintained.

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